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Born and raised in Miami, FL USA, of mixed ethnic background and of Cuban cultural heritage. I have been drawing and painting from a very young age. 


My body of work generally consists of Acrylic paintings on canvas, watercolor, marker drawings, pencil drawings, and spray paint murals. The subject matter of my art aims to address racial healing, social justice, environmental issues, self-empowerment, spirituality, historical defragmentation, and a basic reverence for life. As such, my work is mostly targeted to Afrocentric indigenous ancestral healing, of which I feel is of utmost importance in these times.

As an artist, I have tried to develop my own style of painting as such I have sheltered myself of the influence of other artists. Even though I stand on the shoulders of all those that came before me my aim is to express something that is unique in my own vision. I would say that impressionism, realism, and surrealism are the most impactful styles that have inspired me. I draw my inspiration mostly from spiritual experience, historical knowledge, the struggle for liberation, self-empowerment, and nature. Although, some of my inspiration comes from dance, culture, and music.

I hope that my art can make an impact in the minds and hearts of all people, that it may help bring appreciation for the beauty of life, that it may inspire to live a more honorable, informed, and more harmonious existence. As I feel it is my duty to uplift and make a positive mark in this life. Helping us all to see that we are the embodiment of our ancestors, that we have a purpose on this earth, and that we may re-member our true DIVINE nature.


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